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10 surprising uses for Switchable Glass

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Switchable glass is a smart solution that integrates transparent and opaque states, controlled by a switch. This versatile glass can be used in a variety of ways to add privacy or light control while also adding an aesthetic value.
Switchable glass is an excellent addition to any home or office because of its ability to provide natural lighting without sacrificing privacy. It’s also completely safe for occupants and requires no special maintenance.
With so many great uses for switchable glass, you may want to know where you can find it and what kind of switchable glass options are available for your home or office. Keep reading for more information about this smart solution!

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What is Switchable Glass?

Switchable glass is a type of smart glass that can be controlled remotely. The glass is fused with liquid crystal that allows the glass to be dimmed or completely opaque. Switchable glass is the perfect solution for any space where you want to be able to control the light or privacy. Though smart glass has been around since the 90s, switchable glass is a new advancement. Switchable glass is energy efficient and safe for occupants. It doesn’t require any maintenance like traditional roller shades and no moving parts that may cause dust build-up. Switchable glass is a great addition to any space where you want to take control of the lighting and privacy.

Where to Find Switchable Glass

If you’re wondering where you can find switchable glass for your home or office, you’re in luck! This smart solution is available at most glass shops. Switchable glass is an easy add-on for both residential and commercial applications. Currently, there are two types of switchable glass available: Fused and Dual fused. Fused switchable glass is the most common type of switchable glass and is added during the production process. Dual-fused switchable glass is a new type of switchable glass that is added later in the process. For the best results, fused switchable glass is the best option. Even though fused and dual-fused switchable glass is different, they have similar uses.

bi fold doors with switchable privacy glass

Top 10 Surprising Uses for Switchable Glass

Switchable glass is an excellent solution for many different applications. We’ve found that switchable glass has so many incredible uses that it’s hard to narrow it down! Whether you’re adding privacy to a bathroom or are looking for a light solution for a large space, switchable glass is the perfect solution. Switchable glass is a great way to add privacy to a bathroom. The glass can be dimmed to provide the perfect amount of privacy for a shower or toilet area. It’s also a great way to add privacy to a large living space where you may want to dim the lights for reading.

Shower Windows

When it comes to switchable glass, a shower window is one of the most common uses. Shower windows are a great solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Most shower windows can be fully dimmed to provide the perfect amount of privacy while also taking advantage of natural lighting. The best part about shower windows is that they can be fully automated. Switchable glass can be controlled by a remote or smart device to provide the perfect amount of light and privacy. Since these windows can be controlled, you can even set the window to dim during certain times of day.

double glazed bathroom switchable window turned on

Dual Fused Windows

Dual fused windows are a great solution when you have high light areas that need privacy. These windows are ideal for large offices or commercial spaces where you need to obscure natural light. Since these windows are fused and don’t have a separate switchable glass layer, you can still control the light coming inside. Dual fused windows are a great solution when you need more privacy in a commercial setting such as a call center. They can also be great for an office that has a large amount of natural light. These windows are often used in law firms and other places where privacy is important.

Smart Windows

Smart windows are an excellent solution for any commercial space that needs privacy. This type of switchable glass uses special sensors to detect movement. Once the sensors detect motion, the glass goes into a privacy mode to obscure the inside of the building. Once the sensors are no longer detecting motion, the switchable glass returns to the normal mode. This type of switchable glass is great for offices that need privacy while they’re closed. It’s also a great option for offices with large windows. This solution not only provides privacy but it also saves energy, reduces glare, and protects against UV rays.

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