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A Switchable Privacy Glass Which Get You A Instant Privacy From Clear View. We Called Switchable Glass.

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switchable privacy glass is a kind of switchable glass. It gets you instant privacy and clear view exchange on any existing glass, doors, windows, skylight….. Switchable glass is a glass whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage is applied. Generally, the glass changes from translucent to transparent, changing from blocking some (or all) wavelengths of light to letting light pass through.

bathroom applied smart glass window

With a click of a button, instant exchange from clear to privacy view. enjoy your bathroom time.


A seaside living room switchable glass. Magic exchanges beautiful scenery and privacy. That is the life people like.


Dynamic glazing in your interior design. it gives life to normal glass. Applies to any new or existing glass allowing instant control from clear to frosted (private) with the click of a switch. That is the glass you want-Switchable privacy glass.


Transparent or frosted, as you want. Give meeting privacy with click a switch. Get a clear view to show your company. That‘s all in Switchable privacy glass. We call that switchable privacy glass.

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