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Electrical & Wiring For Switchable Glass & Electric Window Film

Power Transformers that drive smart window tint

power transfomer
power unit details

Power transformers

Electrical & Wiring For Switchable Glass & Electric Window Film

The power control unit is electrical equipment for electrical privacy glass and PDLC film application. It changes the higher voltage to lower work voltage for electrical privacy glass and PDLC film.

Remote control & Wifi-APP control is enabled for the Power control unit.

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Connection Diagram

Multiple-Panels Switchable Electric Privacy Glass Connection Digram

Smart glass film & smart film wiring solutions is available with:

  • Sliding door/window
  • Frameless glass door
  • Wiring hidden in U-channel Glass frame
  • Framed Glass door/window
  • One-stop Switchable glas window/door Supply.
  • Folding door.

Work Show

Let's See Smart Glass Transformer Works

By default, wire is open ended for your hardwire connection.

Wire position can be custom made, pls confirm with our people when you’re placing the order.

The switchable products come pre-wired with instructions ready to easily install ( Except Lamination smart film and Self-adhesive smart film ordered in full roll ).  All smart glass & switchable films are left with open wires ended by default.

All final dimensions and busbar wiring positions should be confirmed prior to manufacturing.

The switchable glass/Smart tint should be wired/connected according to our connection diagram which will be included in the shipment.  It also could be checked as below.


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