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Auo Tinting Windows Technology The Instant Privacy On Demand

Power On Clear

Power Off Opaque

Applies to any new and existing smooth glass


smart tint windows: privacy on demand

Lighting, lack of privacy, sun glare pets harm, UV rays, are a few of the problems that automatic tinting windows can help with. Self-tinting windows.

What are auto tint windows?

Auto tinting windows are also known as “Smart Windows,” “dimmable windows,” “transitions windows.” It allows people to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outside world. For the workplace, smart windows provide complete instant privacy.

Electric tint windows apply Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal material, Which is sandwiched between two layers of film changes from frosted to clear when electricity is applied, revealing the world behind it.

Smart windows offered by EB GLASS show a beautiful frosted design, with the flip of a switch, the click of a button. This incredible product is a good alternative to standard window tinting.
smart window tint

Choice of architects, space designers, builders, glass factories, and contractors worldwide.

Featured Service

Professional servcie

electrochromic glass  & film applications include commercial and residential.

Complete supply chain

From smart window tint to various specifications of switchable glass

Custom production

electrochromic window tint and electrochromic glass is custom made

Multiple Color choice

White, grey, green, blue, bronze, yellow, black ... for choice

Custom shape

EB GLASS supply not only the regular shape of smart tint and glass but also irregular shape

Global Shipping

EB GLASS supplies auto tinting window products globally.

CE Certificate

All products passed CE certificate since 2015

Pioneering the Industry since 2012.

EB GLASS®, pioneering the Smart windows industry since 2012. Shipping our technology worldwide.


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