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Years Manufacturing Experience
Colors white/grey/black/green/blue/yellow/pink
Voltage Types 60VAC,110/120VAC, 220/240VAC, 12VDC
Percent of Harmful UV Rays Blocked

About Us

As the leading provider of Switchable Glass and PDLC Film Manufacturer, EB GLASS® Provide integrated system supply chain of Switchable smart glass and Switchable smart Film which changes from clear to opaque with flip of a button. The technology has been utilized for windows, doors, skylights, partitions, bathroom, bifold doors, furnitures, meeting room, projection screen, as well as multi-purpose projection screens, interactive screen, in many market sectors like commercial, residential, healthcare, automotive, marine, education, hospitality, interior design, luxury, and many more, some for special projects  Click to get more details…



bathroom electric frosted glass window
Quality assurance

Engaged in offering highest quality of standards in aesthetics and functionality, EB GLASS have our R&D to improve products properties.

Lead Time

We offers the quickest turnaround for your project. Production time 3-6days,  shipping 3-7days. You may receive goods within one week.


Our Warranty

EB GLASS offer the highest customer service . We always offer a professional and quick customer care service with our professionalism.


product service

From product consultant to the logistic arrangement, Place your order in EB GLASS, Then everything done by us.


CE CERTIFICATE, Control of privacy,Efficient in building, Energy saving, UV protection and stability, Easy

Top team

Outstanding images planners cooperated for many famous brand, top designers in the imaging industry, over 10 years skilled workers.

bathroom electric frosted window switched off


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOQ?

Small order quantity is acceptable.

Can you project on Smart glass?

Yes, smart glass is ideal as a projection screen.

Does it block the UV harmful rays?

it blocks over 98%+- UV

Is smart glass energy efficient?

It is less than 5 watts per square meter.

How much does smart glass cost?

Pls just be informed your dimension and quantity. Cost will be calculated shortly

What’s the lead time?

Generally within 20 days.

How can i purchase or get a quote?

Pls simple email or call us with your details of your project.

Is there any electrical fittings with smart glass?

Yes, we have transformer with remote control to go with glass.

How to clean my smart glass?

Clean with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and sharp instruments.

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